Piekenierskloof Wines ‘brings home the bacon’ with 2021 Tim Atkin results

‘The best wines are yet to come!’ 


Back in 2019 Jaco van Niekerk, Cellar Master & Winemaker at Piekenierskloof Wine Company, then appointed as such for a mere two years and on a mission to develop the immense potential of the Piekenierskloof area and its wealth of old vines, confidently uttered the above words. Subsequent to the release of the Tim Atkin South Africa Special Report 2021 we have no choice but to agree – Jaco, you were absolutely right!

It’s no secret that the past two years have not been easy on the South African wine industry. However, despite the ups and downs, at Piekenierskloof Wines, we decided to soldier on like the brave Piekeniers before us and to do what we do best, continue to create unique wines worthy of telling our story.

In our humble opinion the Piekenierskloof dry-land vines, which grow in sandy loam soils at an altitude of 650m above sea level and roughly 50km from the Atlantic Ocean, have stood the test of time and consistently bear small bunches of grapes, vibrant in colour and dense in structure, ensuring wines with exceptional taste. It seems Mr. Atkin agrees.

Piekenierskloof Old Vine Carel van Zyl Grenache 2019 –  93
Piekenierskloof Old Vine Bergendal Chenin Blanc 2020  – 92
Piekenierskloof Old Vine Johan van Zyl Pinotage 2019  – 92
Piekenierskloof Old Vine Heidedal Cinsault 2019  – 91
Piekenierskloof Heirloom White 2020 – 91
Piekenierskloof Grenache Noir 2020 –  90
Piekenierskloof Grenache Blanc 2020 –  91
Piekenierskloof Pinotage 2019 –  90

In his 2021 South Africa Special Report Tim Atkin MW awarded Piekenierskloof Wines with whopping scores of 90 points or more for eight of the ten wines that were tasted.

William Blake once said: ‘The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.’ Piekenierskloof’s meticulously farmed and lovingly managed extensive collection of old, unirrigated bush vine vineyards yield small quantities of concentrated and flavourful grapes – unfailingly bearing a plentiful harvest for its ever thankful receivers.
As we announce these extraordinary results we hope you will raise a glass with us in celebration of our exceptional wines and unwavering determination, but also to navigating life’s occasionally stormy seas and embracing the perfect wine’s ability to make even the worst of times a little bit better!



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