Naturally, all of us at Piekenierskloof Wines were overjoyed by the impressive Decanter GOLD our Piekenierskloof Grenache Noir 2020 received at the 2022 Decanter World Wine Awards back in June.

It’s not every day that the Grenache Noir from the unofficial ‘home of Grenache’ in South Africa is celebrated with such a prestigious award.

Imagine our overwhelming wonder at the news of our Grenache Noir being selected as one of the Decanter’s Wines of the Year.

Let’s be honest, we knew this wine was quite remarkable, but just how remarkable even surprised us.

Let us qualify this statement – Only the very best of our wines go to bottle, and we loved this wine, but this announcement reminded us not to doubt our commitment and aptitude to play on a global stage and be victorious!

We’re always genuinely thankful for being awarded by an objective standard,” Mientjie Mouton, Marketing Director at Piekenierskloof Wines, says, “especially if different vintages from the same blend or cultivar come through consecutively.”

International acknowledgements are humbling and we are well aware of their significance. As Olivia Mason writes: “The world’s largest and most influential wine competition, Decanter World Wine Awards results offer a definitive guide to the dynamic world of wine.

Winning an accolade is how a wine cellar attracts the consumer’s attention,” Piekenierskloof Wines Director Oubaas van Zyl points out. “Subsequent to winning the award; however, everyone involved in producing an award-winning wine, be it owner, grower or winemaker, should be prepared to go the extra mile to justify why every consumer should always choose Piekenierskloof Wines.”

Focused on the wine in the bottle, working with what Mother Nature gifts us, Piekenierskloof Wines has nowhere to hide, rated only on our merits. We are extremely proud of the many hands that informed our ongoing success and we are blessed to have resilient, giving and quality vines that thrive in our terroir.

Onwards and Upwards we go!

Imagine our overwhelming wonder at the news of our Grenache Noir being selected as one of Decanter’s Wines of the Year