On the 15th August 2017, Piekenierskloof Grenache Rosé received a gold in South Africa’s only rosé wine competition, ‘Rosé Rocks!’. The competition seeks to recognize excellence in rosé winemaking and promote the SA Rosé category. This year, the judging panel was chaired by wine expert and industry legend, Allan Mullins, who was joined by a team of 5 other judges. The Rosé renaissance is currently gaining momentum as one of the fastest growing categories of wine in South Africa, and internationally. In South Africa alone, sales trebled between 2007 and 2014.

In response to the award, Jaco Brand, Chief Winemaker at Piekenierskloof, shared that:
“Rosé is one of my ultimate wines that we produce here at Piekenierskloof. It is the perfect in-between of wines, enjoyed any season and I’m happy to see a growing interest in this style, as it is still under-appreciated by most but has so much to offer. I’m proud to receive this Gold medal, and encourage all to say ‘Yes Way Rosé’!

For more information, please visit Piekenierskloof wines at www.pkwc.co.za or contact the Tasting Room directly on 022-9212233/4/5. Follow Piekenierskloof on Facebook @PiekenierskloofWines and Instagram at @PiekenierskloofWine.
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