Are you ready to taste the stars . . . ?

On 18 September 2021 the world was introduced to the newest addition to the Piekenierskloof Wines family, and, if we may say so ourselves, she makes quite the impression.

By now, if we may be so presumptuous Dear Reader, you probably know our story, however, kindly allow us to recap. Back in the 1900’s Johan Abraham van Zyl was one of 5 sons from a family in the Citrusdal valley and when the time came for the sons to branch out on their own, they drew lots to determine which brother would have the unnerving task of farming on the untamed and rugged Piekenierskloof Mountain. The lot fell on an unmarried brother who was rescued from this fate by Johan Abraham’s wife. She insisted that she and Johan Abraham should rather attend to this daunting task, as the unmarried brother would surely struggle to develop a farm without the support of a wife! The rest, as they say, is history! Johan Abraham and his wife settled in the undeveloped, rugged mountain ridge of the Piekenierskloof in 1923, and in 1962 his son, Carel van Zyl, planted the first vineyards on the Piekenierskloof.

Ever wondered about that brave lady who made the bold suggestion to move her family up a mountainside and develop a farm? Her name was ‘Wilhelmina’.

Wilhelmina, our ‘courageous protector’, inspired Johan Abraham to accept the challenge of conquering the wild Piekenierskloof and was his constant companion as he cultivated this captivating land. We honour her brave spirit as the matriarch of our Pikeman line-up with a very rare and special Grenache Noir Méthode Cap Classique.

This carefully crafted 100% Grenache MCC presents enticing complexity gained during the time it spent on lees, and flavours of succulent strawberry and layers of red fruit are displayed in abundance. It is the perfect drink for a hot summer’s day and pairs especially well with summer salads and seafood dishes. She is to be enjoyed at a temperature of between 10°-12°C and is available to purchase online or at our wine tasting room located at De Tol Farm Deli, Piekenierskloof Pass N7, Citrusdal.

Years ago when Dom Perignon first created his delicious bubbly champagne he said: “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” In our view, Piekenierskloof’s Wilhelmina Méthode Cap Classique unquestionably gives you a taste of the stars!