The PKWC Crèche

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As a Fairtrade farm, Piekenierskloof takes the wellbeing of our farm workers and their families very seriously. A portion of our proceeds are allotted to community projects, w

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West of Piekenierskloof, just above the sloping hills on which the vineyards are situated, lies the Overlook. From the vineyards, one would never imagine it to be there – for all you know

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Our Favourite Colour

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Citrusdal, as one might imagine, got its name from the vast plantations of citrus farmed in and around the town. With temperatures heating up during the day, the smell of oranges floats through the town during the summer. Throughout the growing season, the specks of orange do

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Meet our Winemaker

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Newly appointed General Manager and Winemaker, Jaco van Niekerk, hails from two families with deeply rooted farming traditions. The decision to become a winemaker was therefore a natural progression and one which allows him to express his love for nature as well as his convivial personality daily.

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Grenache HQ

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Piekenierskloof is a district of Citrusdal. With one of the most sizable Grenache plantings within the Cape, the region could comfortably dub the ‘Grenache HQ’ title.

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